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There are so many self help and self improvement books on the market these days. The problem is: most of them could be reduced to a blog post.

There are even companies who serve up the cliff notes of these types of books without and charging a monthly sub. Great concept - but the flaw is they have to consider every book great in order to have content for their own customers. So you end up with a shorter version to read - but it's still a waste of time.

I still believe in self improvement. I believe there are plenty of books which are capable of changing your life. I just believe that most of them are a cash grab.

We review books which mean something. Time tested. By real people. When a book not only has something to say - but actually warrants you spending your time reading it.


Full Book List

The Inner Game of Tennis - THE book on sports psychology.

Unlimited Memory - Changing the way you learn.

Journeys Out of the Body - The definitive book on astral projection.

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Fans of life long learning.

We believe in never settling or sitting still.

We believe nobody should ever be bored or feel stuck when we have so much information at our fingertips.